Value addition in Agribusiness

In reference to agribusiness, value addition refers to changing raw agricultural materials into new products through processing, drying, packaging, cooling e.t.c. By adding value, the economic value of a product increases. It can be characterised by farmers creating direct linkages between themselves and consumers. Value addition is a great opportunity for youths and women in… Continue reading Value addition in Agribusiness

PEST Analysis for Agribusiness idea

PEST analysis (political, Economic, Social, Technology) outlines a framework of macro environment factors used to scan the environment. It normally assess competitors, market from a standpoint of a particular business. However, PEST should not be confused with SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threats). PEST helps to identify the SWOT factors. Before coming up with an… Continue reading PEST Analysis for Agribusiness idea

Opportunities in Agribusiness for Kenyan Youths

Kenyans youths are faced with numerous challenges when it comes to agribusiness. Some of this challenges include; limited information, inefficient and ineffective infrastructure, dependence on rain-fed agriculture e.t.c. This article aims to explore some of the opportunities that exist for youths. Value chain investment Value addition is a very prime opportunity for the youths. So… Continue reading Opportunities in Agribusiness for Kenyan Youths